Enjoy a light, social high,” says the funky bottle of California Dreamin' cannabis-infused sparkling pomegranate juice. Why It Happens: Even one bong hit can cause dry mouth, (or, as it's more commonly referred to, "cotton mouth" ) so if you overdo it on weed, it makes sense that your body's going to be dehydrated the next day — and dehydration… Read More

Product news: Japanese designer Taiji Fujimori has designed a miniature paper chair, armchair and sofa, one-fifth the size of standard furniture pieces (+ slideshow). Lay strips of carpet tape on seat as shown, remove protective paper on one side. Cut a strip of Thermolam Plus the width of the seat cushion. Using straightedge and pencil, mark arc o… Read More

No email marketer wants to be accused of sending spam. If you hit a trap operated by an anti-spam organization (e.g. Abusix, Spamhaus, SpamCop) delivery of your emails to all ISPs and companies who consult that organization's database will be affected because they use that information to filter incoming emails.Sometimes senders can convince an ISP … Read More

PETT filament is another 3D printing material that you should try working with. I recently came across 3D printing on fabric in this Tweet I was instantly fascinated by the idea and have been wanting to experiment with using this technique with making jewelry and when I came across this Imgur post , I knew I had to just go for it.My only prints are… Read More

Engines included the base 250 I6 engine, a new 140-horsepower 305-cubic-inch V8, two- and four-barrel 350s (with availability still depending on California delivery), and the 400-cubic-inch V8, still good for 175 hp. All engines except the 250 I6 came with the Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmission as the only transmission available.Most automat… Read More